How Often Should You Change Your Skincare?

How Often Should You Change Your Skincare?

They say that change is as good as a holiday, right? It sure is - and the same goes for your skincare!

The issue of changing skincare can be a touchy one for some; I've had clients in the past that have used nothing but Dove soap for the past 50 years and swear by it.

I've had clients that have also needed to change skincare regularly due to a variety of reasons. 

In short, change is good for skin. But the reasons vary, and may, or may not apply to you. 

Reason One

Changes in the weather

Any extreme change in weather can trigger a change in your skin. Going into the cooler months, where we're surrounded by heating, hot baths and showers, and layers of clothing, means that your skin can become dehydrated and dry - FAST. Switching to oil based skincare that is heavier, or thicker creams is ideal in this case. Our Daily Skin Elixir is ideal to use alone or underneath your favourite moisturiser. 

When moving into the intense heat and humidity of Summer, your skin may feel suffocated with heavier skincare. In this time, lighter cleansers and moisturisers will be ideal. The Acne Edit Oil was designed to be a drier oil more suited to oily skin and the warmer months. 

Reason Two

Hormonal Changes

With many life stages - puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause - comes many different changes in the body, and thus, the skin. Your body could be producing more or less of the hormones needed to maintain balance in the skin, producing more or less oil (so you could feel like an oil slick or like the Mojave desert), or even causing acne in those that have never had it before. 

Seeking the advice of an expert skin therapist who can help and guide you is recommended, as well as looking at making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. The Stripped Bare Guidebook  is a step-by-step guide to helping you heal your skin, bring it back into balance, as well as nourishing from the inside out.

Reason Three

Your values have changed

If you've recently switched to a plant based diet, are avoiding certain animal derived products, or are concerned about the use of palm oil, then switching to products that align with your values will make you feel good, and help support the causes you believe in! Find out about our values here

Reason Four

Your skincare isn't performing the same way as it was

You know when sometimes your skincare just doesn't feel like it's doing it's job? Maybe your skin feels more oily than usual, or drier, or dehydrated? It may be time to switch it up and see what happens with something fresh and new on your skin.

That being said, if you've used the same product for 12 months, or even 12 years, and adore it, then you don't HAVE to try anything new! You can be happy just using the same regimen daily, with great results!

Reason Five

You're ready to focus intensely on healing one aspect of your skin

Ready to work on healing your acne? Or focus on rehydrating your skin so it looks and feels younger and plumper? Then choosing products designed specifically for your concerns would be ideal.

The Bi-Monthly Clear Skin Subscription Box would be wonderful for those wanting to focus on clearing their acne!

Reason Six 

 You've been using old, crusty-bottled, rancid smelling skincare!

Gurrlll, come on! Throw it out! Same with cosmetics! If its past the six month mark (less for mascara) and you don't use it, lose it. Your skin and bathroom cabinet will thank you.


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