Oil or Cream?

Oil or Cream?

Delicious oil or scrumptious cream? As different as night and day... or are they?

The Dusk by Adele Oil Range has been our flagship skincare range since we launched. The best selling Cleansing Oil has wowed people all over the World, and we're not ashamed to say that Oil Cleansing has been something we've been passionate about for many, many years, and we've seen many other oil based cleansers pop up in the market since.

The Daily Skin Elixir has rave reviews; women and men of all ages loving it's nourishing and protective properties, and the way it plumps, lifts and smooths.

Together, (and then later, The Acne Edit and Healing Oil) these oils have changed the way many people view skincare.

They prove that sometimes simple is best. They showcase simple ingredients made with love. 

So why would we change anything? Why would we introduce creams?

Changing up your skincare is important. When something stops feeling amazing, or working like it once did, it's just a sign that your body is used to it, and that it's time to shake things up a bit. 

Our skin is an ever changing landscape that constantly needs tending to. 

Our diet, water intake, amount of exercise we do, our environment, how hot we like our baths and showers, how much time we spend in the sun... along with the changes that our bodies go through during puberty, adolescence, menstruation, adulthood, pregnancy, menopause; there's never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution for your whole life. 

I (Adele) noticed that my skin was getting extremely dry and scaly this Winter- especially on my cheeks. Being outdoors with my dogs a few times a time for long walks, then coming inside to a heated house and office, sitting in heated cars, having my tepid baths every night (which went from tepid to very warm on the coldest nights!) saw my skin changing on a daily basis. 

It was telling me a different story. And with a different story, I needed a different heroine. 

I mixed up more oils. Trialled cleansing with the Daily Skin Elixir (which is amazing to cleanse with by the way!). Used the Healing Oil all over my face three times a day. I added more oil to my weekly Healing Mask ritual. I upped my water intake, drank herbal teas, added more fats to my diet, and turned the heater down.

But nothing was getting rid of those red, scaly patches on my cheeks. No one else noticed; but to me, they were glaringly obvious.

So I went back to the drawing board. 

Oil Cleanse.

Daily Skin Elixir.

Then a moisturiser. 

I've layered before. I'm a layering fan from way back! I hadn't needed to layer anything over my Elixir for two solid years... but maybe, just maybe...

And it worked. Two days of that protocol saw my skin return to it's former glory. Red, scaly spots be gone. 

So I got to thinking, and realised that this could be - and probably is- happening to the current Dusk Muses; the gorgeous women who'd been using my products since the start.

So why not release them out into the World? Why not let the Muses use and love and benefit from an extended Dusk skincare range?

So, with that, we got into gear.

Three new complimentary products.

A Creamy Cleanser to help remove makeup, dirt and excess oil, without stripping the skin. An alternate to the Cleansing Oil.

A Gentle Exfoliant. One different to the harsh coffee scrubs on the market. Something gentler and softer, while still being super effective. And as we've never had an exfoliator before this is VERY exciting.

An Ultra Light Moisturiser. Something to compliment the oils, that you could wear alone or layer, and one that's non-greasy (for Shirley! She had to rigorously approve this, as she feels suffocated using oils on her skin) and that's perfect as a base to makeup.

All three products had to fit in seamlessly with the Oil Range, and had to compliment them completely. Like peas and carrots, really. 

We're so proud of the gorgeous new Cream Collection - in their 50ml pump bottles, they're great value, last a good while, and can be used alone or with your current Dusk products.

Just as gentle as the Oil Range, and just as effective. Fragrance and Essential Oil Free, they don't dry the skin, strip it of it's oils, nor make your skin greasy. 

We hope you love the new collection as much as we do!

Adele + Team x

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Hi Adele,
I’m excited to have subscribed to the Bi-Monthly Clear Skin Subscription… I chose this because I love a mask (and not having to go out and buy things regularly!). One question however – will you be developing any other masks? I don’t have an issue with acne, so I’d love one that suits my skin. (Or does it not matter… or do I even need a mask?) OK, that was three questions…


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