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What's in standard red lipstick? (Trust me, it's not pretty!)

A few years back, there was a whole lot of internet chit-chatter about how much lipstick a woman eats in her lifetime (one source claims its 7 pounds!). Now while those claims remain unfounded, there's no denying that what we put on our bodies is akin to what we put in our bodies- and you want to be making sure it's as close to nature as possible. So what's in a standard red lipstick (and what makes Dusk by Adele so different)? Beeswax Used to harden products, it's not necessarily an ingredient that causes harm to our bodies- but is causing environmental issues (watch The Vanishing of the Bees)and brings up ethical issues of the use of animal products. Lanolin...

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We stand for uniqueness. We stand for individuality. We stand for human rights. We stand for animal rights. We stand for the environment.  We stand for equality. We stand for freedom. We stand for fun. We stand for love. We stand for non judgemental attitudes. We stand for compassion. We stand for understanding. We stand for true beauty. We stand for truth. We stand for those who can't stand for themselves.

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Mineral based lipstick, as beautiful as it is, can be unforgiving! Starting with a clean base when it comes to make up is true- and it's especially true when it comes to lipsticks. Gently scrubbing your lips once a week removes dead skin cells that build up and can ruin the look of your lipstick. The skin on your lips is quite thin. Don’t do this any more than once a week- you could strip away the natural oils that protect your lip skin, and cause irritation. There are a number of products on the market that will slough away dead skin; this is 'Pucker up' by Perk. Perk ‘Pucker Up’ Lip Scrub which I first discovered in The Vegan Beauty...

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