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Red Lipstick for Beginners + How Bright Lipstick Changed my Life

I remember the first time I wore a bright lip. It was this over-the-top coral that I teamed with my bleached blonde hair and a black shirt dress.  It was almost ten years ago, so I can forgive the bad hair and outift... but that lipstick CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Now, it wasn't the product (I can only imagine the ingredients) but it was the confidence that the lipstick gave me. I felt sparkly, alive, bright, and ready to take on the world. Since that fateful lipstick choice, I've been addicted. But it wasn't without it's confusion- buying lipsticks at the store or beauty counter, only to get them home and realise that they just weren't 'me'. That I couldn't pull...

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Colour Inspiration

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most" - John Ruskin. This is what I'm loving at the moment.   Photos by Josh Felise, Brennan Ehrhardt, Cindy De Valle, Camila Cordeiro, 

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Makeup Inspiration Lookbook May 2016

The cold weather has hit us in Melbourne; but that's not to say we can stand out from the sea of black and grey that shrouds the city! A bold lip will do it. Here's some gorgeous new season makeup looks that all feature a bold, bright lip. You can easily recreate these looks at home using your Dusk by Adele shades. Suitable for all ages, skin tones, and looks. Stunning. Bright Coral. Taupe Smoky Eyes. Big lashes. Like this look? Try 5pm __________________________________________________________ Clean base. Neutral eyes. Orange based lip. Dewy Skin. Defined brows. Bright orange based red lips. Like these looks? Try 7pm __________________________________________________________ Defined brows. Eyes that pop. Bright Fuchsia lip. Like this look? Try 9pm __________________________________________________________...

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