Mothers Day Glow Kit
Mothers Day Glow Kit
Mothers Day Glow Kit

Mothers Day Glow Kit


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Spoil mum with this brilliant kit for glowing skin.

These three best selling products combined are a trio designed to nourish, relax and plump her skin.

Our Cleansing OilDaily Skin Elixir, and a Crystal Glow Facial Roller are designed to combat excess oil, nourish and moisturise, and to stimulate and massage.

Help mum begin and end her day with the most luxurious cleanser she'll ever use. Oil Cleansing is an ancient practice, embraced by Japanese and Ayurvedic cultures for thousands of years. Containing a number of key oils, this potion will not only cleanse away makeup and dirt, but it will also dissolve oil, combat acne, and nourish her skin.

The Daily Skin Elixir is a decadent and luxurious skin oil for daily use- and will protect, nourish and hydrate her skin, while still remaining the perfect base for use underneath makeup.

The brand new Crystal Glow Facial Rollers can help with infusing oils deep into her skin, as well as massaging and increasing blood flow. By microscopically damaging the skin at a cellular level (as any movement or massage does), it forces the bodies natural healing response to begin, thus resulting in an increase in blood cells, cellular repair and a surge of collagen.

These brand new Crystal Glow Facial Rollers: 

  • Are housed snugly in an exclusive storage box for protection
  • Contain usage information
  • Are energetically cleansed
  • Have reinforced prongs for sturdiness 
  • Gemologist approved stonework
  • Fashioned for noise-free, smooth rolling


Packaged beautifully, just for mum.

RRP: Cleansing Oil $34.95, Daily Skin Elixir $59, Jade Roller $49

Save $22.95