Powder Protection - Mineral Sun Protection Powder

Powder Protection - Mineral Sun Protection Powder


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This exclusive mineral based formula is designed for everyday wear for all skin types, genders, and ages. In an easy to use, high quality vegan brush, the soft fibres will glide effortlessly over your skin to dispense the powder.
The brush has three settings- meaning you can control exactly how much powder you want to use. 
As with all Dusk by Adele products, Powder Protection is vegan, palm oil free, and no part of the powder has been tested on animals in any capacity.
The brush is a faux vegan hair brush, made of synthetic fibres - it feels beautiful and no one has been harmed in the making of it! 
Powder Protection:
  • Can help protect the skin from environmental pollutants & harmful UVA/UVB rays and has been lab tested to protect anywhere from an SPF20+ to 30+ with correct and regular use
  • Helps to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Is infused with an exclusive blend of organic herbs and precious plant oils
  • Restores, firms, hydrates and revitalises the skin 
  • Can be used alone on bare skin, over the top of any Dusk by Adele Oil, over makeup, and all over the body
  • Is easy to use for all age groups and perfect to put in your handbag, pocket, or to leave in the car
  • Can help replace greasy sunscreens that are hard to apply
  • Won't sting the eyes like conventional sunscreen
  • Washes off easily, using the Cleansing Oil
  • Won't clog the pores so is perfect for acne prone skin
  • Won't dry the skin so is suitable for drier skin types
  • Sets conventional makeup beautifully, and helps to reduce shine
  • Is perfect for use on the back of hands, neck, and décolletage - places that are usually missed when apply skincare and cosmetics - and are usually the first places to show the signs of ageing and sun damage

How to use:

When you receive your Powder Protection, simply take off the silver lid, and you'll see that under the bristles, there are three markers, and that below the plastic 'sleeve' there's an arrow. Simply grip the body of the dispensing brush in one hand, and with the other, move twist the silver neck and brush to either point 1, 2 or 3. 

Point 1 will dispense a small amount of powder - the perfect amount for childred

Point 2 will dispense an average amount of powder - an ideal amount for everyday use on your face and hands

Point 3 will dispense a larger amount - perfect for arms, legs and body

To close your Powder Protection brush, simply lift up the plastic sleeve to cover the bristles, and pop the silver lid on. Store it in your special pouch in a dry, cool place.

*Note: Use of this product does NOT guarantee 100% sun protection - use of hats, sunglasses, correct clothing, shade, and regular application is recommended. No product protects you from sun damage or sun burn completely and this product does not claim to.

Mica, Illite (Mineral Clay), Tapioca Starch (Cassava Root), Titanium Dioxide (Pigment), Zinc Oxide, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil based), Stearic Acid (fatty acid), Polyhydroxy Stearic Acid (suspending agent), Isostearic Acid (oleic fatty acid), Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract (antiviral/bacterial floral extract that helps to increases cellular production), Caprylyl Glycol (antimicrobial), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil (antimicrobial and increases blood to the surface of the skin), Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel (antibacterial and filled with vitamin C), Polyhydroxystearic Acid (suspending agent), Lecithin Phenoxyethanol (naturally forming preservative), Hexylene Glycol (organic compound), Iron Oxides (pigment)