10 Reasons why Oil Cleansing May Not be Working for You

10 Reasons why Oil Cleansing May Not be Working for You

Tried the Oil Cleansing Method and found that it didn't work for you? The Oil Cleansing Method is something that I've personally done for many years, have treated clients with it and recommended it to thousands of women all over the World. 


-Not everything works for everyone

-Everyone's skin is different

-Everyone's skin reacts differenty

So bearing this in mind, lets look at why the Oil Cleansing Method may not have worked for you.

1: You're doing it wrong

This is the most common mistake people make. When cleansing with oil, you want your skin to be slightly damp - not dripping - and you want to use a 20C size drop of oil. 

Then apply directly to the skin and massage in circular motions.

Removing it is the most important part. You want a damp facecloth (not dripping wet) to remove the oil, and you simply wipe and pat it off.

2: You're using the wrong type of oil

There are many different types of oil on the market that are designed for Oil Cleansing; some better than others, some mineral oil based - like Johnson's Baby Oil (please avoid at ALL costs), and others just have a better type of oil than others. 

I, for a long time, used and recommended Coconut Oil, but as with everything my body and skin got used to it and it just didn't feel right to use anymore. Some people have severe breakouts using coconut oil as it's comodogenic (pore clogging) so if you're a long time acne sufferer, avoid coconut oil.

I formulated my own Cleansing Oil and I wanted to get a balanced ratio of oils that were suitable for dry and oily skin, and oils that cleansed well.

Our Dusk by Adele Cleansing Oil contains:

Sweet Almond Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Sesame Oil

Organic Macadamia Nut Oil

All designed to be nourishing, deep cleansing, and gentle.

3: Your skin may not be able to handle it

Maybe you have extremely sensitive and highly irritated skin - in which case some (if not all) oils may cause your skin to have a reaction. 

If you've only tried one type of oil before, and had a bad reaction, do try another - it may have been the wrong type of oil for you.

Jojoba Oil is the best oil for easily irritated and acne prone skin - as it mimics the skin own sebum. It features as a star product in our Daily Skin Elixir (which can be used as a cleansing oil as well as a daily serum)

4: Your washcloth is too wet

If you're using a soppy wet facecloth to remove the oil, then you're really losing the effect of the oil, and diluting it. Wring out your cloth first, and watch the difference it makes.

5: You're not massaging it in for long enough

The aim of the Oil Cleansing Method is to dissolve dirt, oil, makeup and bacteria, and being a natural product that doesn't contain any surfactants (ingredients that make certain products lather), you need to work it in and be patient. You should be massaging it into your entire face anywhere from 30 seconds to three or so minutes. If I've had a full face of makeup on all day, I massage it in for longer, leave it a few seconds, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

6: You haven't tried it for long enough

Been to the gym once, hoping that it will make a difference in your body... then neglecting to go back because you didn't see immediate results? 

The same can be said for skin. Your skin is an organ, constantly changing, repairing, and reacting to it's environment. Your cellular turnover rate is anywhere from 24-45 days (depending on your age, sex and race), and it can take that long for your skin to respond (whether that be an anti-ageing product or an oil).

So if you've broken out, or not seen any amazing results with oil cleansing, that could be why.

Patience is required here.

7: You're using too much or too little oil 

Following the bottle instructions is the way to go- we don't want oil dripping off our faces, nor do we want to be dragging it across our skin. A few drops, the size of a 20 cent piece will suffice.

8: You're not combining it with other good skin practices

There's a multitude of other things you can be doing to get that glow! Oil Cleansing is just one of the many prongs in the fork. Check out these great blogs here and here.

9: The weather may not be right

No joke, when I lived on the Sunshine Coast, and we had weeks of 40ºC days with 90% humidity, the last thing I wanted to put on my sweaty skin was oil. However in drier, cooler weather, and even on those hot days were humidity is low, my skin loves it.

10: It may just not be for you

And that is totally ok! If you prefer to stick with what you have and what you've got, don't fall victim to peer pressure. If the idea of using oil on your skin is a huge concern for you, don't stress out- it's even worse for your skin!

Adele x


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