All ingredients used in Dusk by Adele Lipsticks are Cosmetic Grade and comply with ingredients currently accepted for use in cosmetics in Australia, the United States of America, Canada the United Kingdom and Europe, Japan and Asia.
NO ingredients from direct source or third parties have been tested on animals, contain animal products, by products, or palm oil.
Dusk by Adele only uses the highest quality ingredients, from reputable suppliers.
Where possible we select Certified Organic, Australian Produced ingredients, such as Certified Organic Shea Butter; Certified Organic Castor Oil; Certified Organic Sucrose; Certified Organic Jojoba Oil and Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.
All of our Certified Organic Ingredients are listed with a '*' after them so you know exactly which ingredients are Certified Organic.
We've chosen to use a small amount of food dye (FD&C) to enhance the colour of our lipsticks. They are synthetic, man made, and cruelty free. They are added in tiny amounts to bring forth the natural pigment in the Mica (mineral). 
Our manufacturing undergoes:
Dermatological Testing: Standard test to minimise irritation on skin.
Microbiological Efficacy Testing: To ensure product is micro-biologically safe.
Compatibility Testing (Product Vs Packaging Material): To ensure packaging material is suitable for the product and that product quality is assured.
Stability: To ensure formulation does not degrade.
Claims Testing: All claims made should be substantiated and within cosmetic guidelines.
We will ensure that we continually endeavour to improve the overall environmental performance by:
- Complying with local environmental laws and regulations.
- Making reasonable efforts to limit or reduce the environmental impact resulting from the manufacturers products and processes.
- Developing products and processes to anticipate and meet the genuine environmental needs of our customers and the local community.
- Integrating environmental demands into the economic, financial and social forecasting and decision-making process.

- Assessing the environmental effects during the product development process from the aspect of supplier and manufacturer selection, consumer use and disposal.