What's my red?

How to choose the perfect red for you

Not only are our skin tones all totally unique, but so are our lip tones- making the matching process a tad more complicated than one would think.
From bright, fiery oranges, to deep, dark magenta reds, the spectrum in the 'Red Family' alone is quite large.
So we've broken it down for you.
dusk by adele vegan lipsticks

Dusk by Adele vegan red lipstick

Dusk by adele vegan red lipstick

dusk by adele red vegan lipstick

Things to remember:

This is just a guide.

Your natural lip shade will be unique to you, as will your skin colour, tone, and even other make up preferences.

You may find that you resonate with a different shade; even if none of the above 'makes sense' - and that's totally ok!

Choose, based on your first initial reaction.

You can deepen the colours by using a lipstick brush for application, or lighten them, by using some clear gloss or balm over the top of the application.