Eco friendly + Luxurious, Dusk by Adele Cosmetics, Skincare and Crystal Glow Facial Rollers are for the environmentally conscious consumer, who cares about the ingredients she's using on her body, and for the woman who knows what she wants.
Lush lipsticks, mineral makeup, reiki-charged crystal rollers, unique face oils & the most incredible natural mascara are just a few of the popular products that make the range so popular with health conscious, planet loving woman.
Formulated by Dermal Therapist Adele McConnell, Dusk by Adele Skin Care and Cosmetics are vegan, CCF certified, Palm Oil free, cruelty free and organic where possible.

Vegan, Palm oil free and Cruelty free make up and skin care
Created and Made in Australia
All of the INCREDIBLE images you can see throughout the website were taken by Elise Gow Photography