What makes Dusk by Adele different from other brands?

Dusk by Adele is a niche range of high quality, vegan, cruelty free lipsticks, skincare products and accessories. The lipsticks are mineral based, and these colours POP. Unlike other mineral lipsticks, their colours are true to life.
We've done this by using small amounts of food dye to enhance the natural Mica (mineral) pigment and to bring forth the natural shades.
The oil and cream based skincare ranges are handmade, right here in Australia using the highest quality ingredients, and no 'fillers' or 'fluff' ingredients. 
Potent, ingredient rich and highly effective.
With the belief that all lives matter, and that every woman (and man!) is beautiful, Dusk by Adele is proudly owned by Dermal Therapist and Skin Specialist Adele McConnell.
Owned, made, and packaged in Australia, we truly believe there is nothing quite like it in the marketplace. 

How do you get your mineral lipsticks so red?

Easy! We add a small amount of synthetic food dye to our mineral base; bringing forth and enhancing the natural colours of the mineral pigment. 

There's a lack of solid red mineral lipsticks in the marketplace, and I searched for many years to try and get a bright, fiery red. 

Dusk by Adele is the only range that I've seen, that are bright, rich, deep- while still being vegan and mineral based.

Why we don't use Palm Oil.

A serious environmental issue that we don't take lightly, palm oil deforestation is causing destruction right now; and detrimental effects that we can't even foresee in the future.
Palm oil has about 200 different names, and is found in processed foods, household products and cosmetics.
We don't use anything to replace it- in fact- it's a cheap and an often unnecessary ingredient. Being mineral based, we don't require it at all. 
Dusk by Adele is proud to be 100% Palm Oil free and strongly supports the work of Palm Oil Investigations.

Why we don't test on Animals.

It's inexplicable, why in this day and age, with access to incredible ingredients and products- there is still cruel animal testing.
Rabbits, pigs, monkey and dogs (amongst many) are subjected to cruel testing. Their eyes are burned with solvents, their skin is irritated, and most die sad, lonely, painful deaths. This is the 'beauty industry'?!
In fact; it's one of the reasons I left the beauty industry.
I knew there was a better way.
Choosing mineral makeups, vegan skin care and cruelty free household products are easy. 
None of the Dusk products, nor the ingredients that make up the products have been tested on animals, or come from any animal by-products or source. They are manufactured in a facility that avoids cross-contamination by filling in a separate area.

How can I choose the right colour lipstick?

Check out our blog or How to Choose the Right Red page! 
Alternatively, pop a question in the pop up box and tell us your skin tone. 

How long will the lipstick last?

As my mum says, "how long is a piece of string?".

In the tube, the lipstick will last, unopened, on the shelf for up to 24 months.

In the tube, opened, the lipstick will last up to 12 months (it's exposed to air, which oxidises it).

If worn regularly, you lipstick could last from 2-6 months (I wear mine everyday and I'm yet to finish a tube - 8 months later).

It will last on your lips anywhere from 2-6 hours. This is all dependant on you lifestyle, lip type, how well conditioned they are, and how you apply it. If you use a lip brush, your lipstick will last longer.

We're not into outrageous claims, instead, about ensuring that you have the best lipstick experience you can have. We have tutorials and application videos on the blog which will make everything a breeze.

How can I choose the right colour foundation?

Feel free to send us an email or DM of your skin in natural light.

What about shipping?

Here are a few things to consider while you wait for your order:

  • We ship on business days. Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Shipping starts after you’ve received the “Your Order Has Been Shipped!” email.

How much is shipping?

Once you’ve clicked through to our Secure Checkout, you can enter your delivery address and choose a shipping method. Australia has a flat rate of $10.

International Shipping costs are calculated once your country is added, and tacked on to your subtotal at the bottom of the page.

We rely on Australia Post for our National Deliveries, as well as other International postal services (USPS) to get your order to your doorstep as soon as possible. For this reason, tracking is not always available overseas. 

If your order is being sent by a trackable service, we will have these details and you can request them if needed.

Shipping within Australia can take up to two weeks- even for something as local as Melbourne. We're currently looking at new couriers.

If your order still hasn’t gotten to you by the time listed above, please give us a shout:

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