Red Lipstick for Beginners + How Bright Lipstick Changed my Life

Red Lipstick for Beginners + How Bright Lipstick Changed my Life

I remember the first time I wore a bright lip. It was this over-the-top coral that I teamed with my bleached blonde hair and a black shirt dress. 

It was almost ten years ago, so I can forgive the bad hair and outift... but that lipstick CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

Now, it wasn't the product (I can only imagine the ingredients) but it was the confidence that the lipstick gave me. I felt sparkly, alive, bright, and ready to take on the world.

Since that fateful lipstick choice, I've been addicted. But it wasn't without it's confusion- buying lipsticks at the store or beauty counter, only to get them home and realise that they just weren't 'me'. That I couldn't pull them off, give them the glorious justice that they deserved, nor that flattered my skin, hair and eye colour- as well as my wardrobe.

So, if you're looking for the right bright lip- I've got some tips for you.



How to choose the perfect red lipstick vegan

How to choose the perfect red lipstick vegan

1: Look at what your wardrobe is filled with.

Do you love brights? Dark shades? Whites and tans? 

Choose a shade that's going to compliment, not clash with what you already own.

2: What type of lipstick do you wear currently?

Can you step it up a notch? Go lighter, or brighter? Go bolder or toned down?

3: Choose a shade perfect for your skin tone.

Use the above guide to help- remember, it's just a guide. Nothing beats individuality and using something that flatters your uniqueness. 

4: Choose a shade that'll last more than one season.

The reason I love these Dusk by Adele shades, is that they're not just 'flash in the pan' colours. They're not just something that will last a season or two then be out of fashion. They're colours that have and will stand the test of time in the fickle makeup world.






Dusk by Adele vegan red lipstick

What's your favourite? Share below! 

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