How to care for your Dusk by Adele Jade Roller

How to care for your Dusk by Adele Jade Roller

Your Jade Roller will soon become one of your favourite beauty essentials; and like all beauty tools, they will experience wear and tear.

However with some simple care, your Jade Roller will last you for years to come.

Your Dusk by Adele Jade Roller has been cleaned, cleansed, and charged with powerful Reiki symbols. It is, of course, jade - and being a crystal has it's own energy. 

Green Jade Gemstone is derived from the silicate minerals nephrite and jadeite, both of them rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and aluminium.

  • Jade is a Stone of Peace which balances the nerves and also soothes the cardiac rhythm (perfect for at-home facials)
  • Can be used for Cleansing not only the energy body but also the physical body. It enhances the organs of the body that are for the elimination and filtration. It is the best stone that treats the adrenal glands, spleen, and kidneys. It can remove toxins and balance the water, salt, fluids ratios that are necessary for the well-being of skin and body.
  • May help treat infections: Jade may treat viral and bacterial infections, making it a wonderful addition to your beauty routine if your skin is inflamed, active, sensitive or cystic. It's also fantastically cooling for eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.
  • May have restorative properties: Jade rolling helps to increase blood flow and healthy tissue regeneration - the massaging action is vital to healthy skin.

How to care for your Jade Roller

  • After using your Jade Roller with your Dusk by Adele Daily Skin Elixir, gently wipe clean using a soft cloth.
  • Store your Jade Roller somewhere dry and don't let it sit in a steamy bathroom, or in an area that gets damp. The delicate metal mechanism will rust if it gets wet.
  • You can wash it in warm salted water - however do make sure that it's completely dry before storing.
  • You can travel with your Jade Roller; I simply wrap mine up in a clean, dry face cloth to protect it.  

Enjoy using your Jade Roller- it'll change the way your skin feels and looks!

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Adele x


There are a lot of fake jades being sold. I was wondering if they used Jadeite(real jade) or if they used Serpentine(imitation jade, also known as new jade).
Do your research.


There is only one type of jade. What does that person mean what kind is it made out of???

Misty Duffy

You may want to update the last paragraph seeing as your a year behind on that. But that’s just my opinion. Cool idea nonetheless. I would add that the stone’s healing properties get clouded with energy and that cleansing/charging your crystals often is necessary or the stone’s healing will be stunted or cut off all together, making it pointless to use for healing. There are crystals you can use to cleanse the jade or you can smudge it with sage/Palo Santo or distilled water & organic lavender essential oil, salt water, etc. I would Google it to find the many ways to clear your crystals. Much love xo


What type of jade is your jade roller made out of.


I would like to try a jade roller. Please let me know when they are in stock. Thanks


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