The Importance of Massaging Your Breasts and How to DIY

The Importance of Massaging Your Breasts and How to DIY

Have we forgotten how we feel? The touch of our own fingertips across our skin, our flesh, our lumps and glorious curves? I think many of us have. 

Self massage for the face is a relatively new act, and one I'm proud to say I've worked years to bring to the mainstream with the help of the Dusk by Adele Jade Roller and oils. The amount of women and men who've reached out in awe of how their skin and face actually FEELS is amazing; so many have forgotten and some have never known the feel of their own face. 

The beauty of self massage is that you can do it anywhere (that you're comfortable with!), at any time, and it's free to DIY!

But what about the rest of the body? How about breasts for example; they are the chatter of this blog, after all. 

Breast massage is a healthy and liberating act, and allows us to connect with our own bodies, relax and enjoy, and also to take note of any changes that are going on within us. 


  • Helps to promote healing
  • Increases healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Promotes removal of some toxins through lymph fluid
  • Helps to reduce water retention and swelling
  • Helps improve the overall look, texture and tone of your skin. 

So, how do you do it?

There are a few ways and means.

Intuitively - go with whatever is gentle and comfortable.

Strokes - using the flat part of all four fingers, massage in an upwards and outwards motion, towards the underarms, where the lymph nodes live.

Circles - using small circular motions using the flat part of four fingers, massage outwards away from the nipple, towards the underarms.

In the bath or shower - the warm water helps with the movements, relaxation and blood flow.

Using oils - this is where the Breast Friend Oil comes in. Delicately scented and created for the ultimate 'slip', this oil helps you effluarage like a pro.

Using crystals - the idea for the crystal massage came from me using my Jade Roller on my breasts. However I wanted something with greater control, and that would be better suited to my large bust. The Rose Quartz Massager is the perfect massaging tool, that fits comfortably in your hand, and is suitable to really knead your breasts.

View The Breast Friend Kit here  and enjoy nurturing your body!


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