Want to be accused of using Botox and Fillers? Then do this!

Want to be accused of using Botox and Fillers? Then do this!

You must be doing something right when you check your YouTube videos and get comments like this, right? 


This lovely woman (that's not her real name by the way, she changed it) left multiple comments all alluding to the same thing - that I must have had work done as my skin is too perfect!

According to her - cheek and lip fillers, and botox- although badly done, as I have bags under my eyes. 

I don't bite back, usually. But it was 1am, I was finishing off some work, and saw the comment...and I decided instead to use it for educational purposes. I definitely wasn't upset - perhaps, flattered? Obviously my years of working hard at good skin have paid off. 

A note, and a little background

Firstly, ZERO judgement if using Botox and fillers works for you! That's your choice, and one that I respect. I know a lot of people who do both, and the change in their self esteem is what I notice the most. And that confidence is a beautiful thing.

I've been obsessed with my skin ever since my early teenage years. I read every magazine I could get my hand on, absorbed information like a sponge, and implemented a number of things that would get my skin glowing, get rid of the hormonal breakouts and make sure my skin was beautiful when I was older. 

Skin care was my splurge. I wasn't interested in shoes or bags. I only wanted things that protected my skin. Big Hats. Sunglasses. And even rash vests - the long sleeved ones which, while being extremely 'uncool' have saved my shoulders and arms, as well as my back and décolletage from being sun damaged.

I loved lotions and potions, and was even using a Vitamin C serum at 17 years old to strengthen my capillary walls and infuse me with loads of antioxidants.

When I left Nursing and went straight into studying Beauty Therapy I was in heaven. Giving and receiving facials day in day out?! Advanced facials with diagnosis and machines?! Skin disorders, chemistry, biology, spa treatments.... I was in my absolute element, and knew I was where I was meant to be. 

I was trained in three different ranges in College, landed a job in a small salon, that had 14 - FOURTEEN! - ranges that I had to be trained in. Again. Heaven. Product training, thick manuals with ingredient lists, facial routines... I lapped it up. I used it all. I fell in love daily with new products. Everything from Guoinot to Sothys, Pevonia to MD, Dermalogica, SkinCeuticals... you name it, I've used it. 

My bathroom cabinet overflowing, I moved from the small salon into specialty laser and skin clinics. Big IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser machines, costing tens of thousands of dollars, stimulating collagen at the basal layers of the skin, were what I worked with each day. I treated a myriad of clients - all ages, races, and at varying levels of skin wants and needs.

I treated a lot of women and men over that time. Thousands of people - coming in for a quick skin pick-me-up, or to get rid of a freckle, or to undergo some diamond head microdermabrasion. The clinic had registered nurses that rented out a special room where they injected botox and fillers (Restylane) to a hoard of women wanting younger, plumper, fresher. 

I never succumbed to that needle, though many women in the clinic did.

From there, I went to work with skincare in a different capacity. I became the State Sales Manager and Product Trainer for a number of different organic skin care ranges. I'd travel to all of the health food stores and clinics across the state, and share my knowledge of skin and beauty.

So, fair to say :

I know what I'm talking about

I've (probably) used more skin care than majority of the population

I've got a solid understanding of skin, skincare and have been in this industry for long enough to be called an expert

I have also worked around women long enough to know a few things :

No matter how beautiful a woman is, there's always a part of her (and for some people, that part screams very loudly) that wants to look better, and they don't care how much it costs.

Self Esteem can change drastically over the years. It can be a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you're feeling fantastic. And other times, you're so low and you've taken such a battering, that you want the external to reflect something other than what you're feeling - beautiful.

Every woman can make her own choice about what's right for her. No one has any right to dictate what goes in her body. 

Ok, that being said, lets get to the good stuff. My guide to getting skin so good, people WILL think you're using botox and fillers! 

Your Skin

The skin is made up of 3 main layers. The Epidermis (outer layer), Dermis and Hypodermis, with sub-layers in the Epidermis.

The Epidermis is what we see, and protects the inner layers of our skin

Keratinocytes (Keratin) makes up 90-95% of the Epidermis. These are made of protein,  lipids (fats) and stem cells, and are there to protect our skin from pathogens, water loss, heat regulation and UV control. These die about every 50-60 days and are replaced with new cells.

The Dermis (middle layer) is made up of connective tissue, and acts as a ‘buffer’ or ‘cushion’ and provides elasticity. This is where our Collagen fibres are.

NOTE: They sell creams that claim to lessen the appearance of your wrinkles. However, science shows us that wrinkles come from deep within the skin, not just the top layer. So while the creams may help with the appearance of your crows feet or frown line, that wrinkle is too deep for cream to really affect it. If anything, it will plump the skin, using things like hyalauronic acid (which holds 1000 times its own weight in water) to fill any lines.

The Dermis is also filled with pain and heat receptors, sebaceous (oil) glands, hair follicles  blood vessels, amongst others.

The Hypodermis is the basal layer of our skin, and provides the skin with blood vessels, nerves, and is designed to attach the skin to connective tissue.

So, what do I use and do?

I love using oil on my skin. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand the thought of it- I was worried that I would break out - as are many women out there.

However your skin is an incredible regulator, and knows exactly what it should be producing. We confuse our skin by over-cleansing, or using alcohol based products which dry the skin terribly. So our skin then needs to produce more oil to replace what you have stripped. Then we think our skin is too oily, so we cleanse and cleanse and cleanse. WRONG! We want our skin to be oily! Look at Mediterranean women- thicker, olive skin with hardly wrinkles. They use good quality oils in their diets, and their skin reflects that.

The drier our skin, the more lines. Ever heard the expression ‘A well oiled machine’? This is what we must be.

I use a few different types of oil, depending on my skin mood and the weather.

I cleanse twice a day with my Cleansing Oil

I choose between my Daily Skin Elixir or The Acne Edit no. 1 if my skin is on the oily side. I am also formulating some new oils that you'll love- coming soon!

Yep, every night. No matter what time it is. No matter how tired I am. Massaging increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production. This is far more effective than buying expensive products that contain ‘active’ ingredients which die once exposed to heat and sunlight anyway (see the products under the counters with the bright lights shining on them? Nothing active there!)

I use my Jade Roller each night (back in stock soon), but also love manually massaging my face. Simply use upward strokes, and gently tap around the eyes.

It is about what we put in our mouths as well- fresh fruits and vegies, clean fats, low GI carbs and vegan protein….and there are also a number of supplements that may help improve the look and feel of your skin.

Silica is important for cellular growth and regeneration. Silica is a vital mineral that is lacking in our soil here in Australia and in NZ.

Vitamin C is important for strengthening delicate capillary walls, which can burst with excessive heat, spicy foods, red wine, smoking and sun damage.

Zinc helps to repair damaged tissues and cells.

Clear skin is something that comes from inside- not just outside. Eating a clean, plant based, wholefood, and healthy (with the occasional treat!) is also why my skin is so clear.

Stay tuned to this space for some very exciting new Dusk products.

Ditch the dairy
The first thing you should do (if you haven’t already) is give up dairy. I was never a huge milk drinker when I was younger, and when I was 17 gave it up completely. Milk causes congestion; so if you are prone to break outs- ditch it.

Ditch the booze, coffee, soft drinks and smokes
I am not even going to elaborate on this. This is tough love, but it'll be worth it. Believe me, you aren’t doing your skin or your insides any favours. 

Increase your water intake

Dehydration is the enemy of clear skin. When your body is dehydrated, every cell in your body suffers, including your skin cells.

When skin cells are dehydrated, they flatten, and ‘deflate’ causing them to look shiny and oily. I used to treat a number of people who believed their skin to be oily; it was in fact severely dehydrated.

Drink clean, filtered water every day; at least 2 litres (I drink about 5 litres a day).

Use more oils
On your food and on your face. Even if you have a thicker, oilier skin, it is still really important to use oil.

Cleanse properly- NO excuses
Obviously cleansing your skin is tantamount- NEVER EVER go to bed without double cleansing, especially if you wear makeup (cleanse once to remove make up, and again to remove dirt and oil).

It doesn't matter what time I get home or how tired I am, I have never slept with make up on (no excuse if you have had a lot of wines ladies!).

Our body and skin repairs itself when we are asleep, and it’s easier for our cells to work their magic if they have a clean surface to work on first.

Don’t touch! (with one exception)
This applies to everyone; whether you are prone to acne or not, touching your skin transfers oils and bacteria from your hands to your face.

If you are inclined to cradle your chin in your hands, it may take time to stop this.

If you rub your eyes, please don’t! The skin around your eyes is super thin and delicate, and by rubbing your eyes, you are potentially damaging the skin tissue.

The one exception to my rule is facial massage- either with your hands or with a Jade Roller. 

Personal hygiene
Keep it clean! Change your pillowcase every night (I am not kidding, I do!), use clean face cloths, wipe your phone with an alcohol swab regularly (try not to let it touch your face if possible), keep your hair off your face if you tend to break out on your forehead and cheeks….got the picture?


Necessary for your body to recover, and for your cells to re-generate. Please get as much as you can.


Would you laugh if I told you that I DON'T frown? Would you believe me if I said that I don't have any lines on my forehead as I don't move it? I've gotten some weird looks over the years when I tell people this. But I trained myself when I was younger to NOT move my forehead.

Now I have a very expressive face. All you need to do is watch my videos. But what you will notice, is that frowning doesn't come into the equation.

Sun Safety

The sun will age you like nothing else. Cover up - a hat, sunscreen, scarf, sunglasses, shade - you'll thank me later.

The best foods to eat for clear skin

Inflammation is the body’s response to infection, irritation, injury, hormonal or homeostatic imbalance, causing symptoms of redness, soreness, heat, swelling, or loss of function. This is not only true for muscles, joints and organs, but also skin.

These foods are easy to include in your everyday diet, and will help you reduce inflammation. Not only will your skin benefit, but so will the rest of your body!


Highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, turmeric (or more precisely curcumin, the colour in turmeric) is effective when used as an anti-inflammatory. Fresh turmeric can be juiced or grated into tea, and ground turmeric can be used in curry, soups, dips, and even in a brilliant zit paste

Chia seeds/Flaxseeds

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, chia and flax seeds cause more of the anti-inflammatory cells to be reproduced in the body. Enjoy them in smoothies, sprinkled on salads, baked into breads and cakes, or made into puddings –like this one 


Berries contain a high number of flavonoids, and have also been shown to heal the skin wounds and reduce inflammation. Eat up, or blend them up in a smoothie, like my Super Sexy Strawberry Smoothie…

High-enzyme fruits

Enzymes found in fruits like pineapple, papaya, and kiwi-fruit, are renowned for breaking down proteins and absorbing into the blood stream. There, they destroy inflammatory complexes, resulting in natural healing! Check out my Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

High quality, cold pressed oils

For me, there is nothing better than seeking out amazing cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and avocado oil. I love my healthy fats! These oils are packed with anti-inflammatory polyphenols that have been shown to reduce both arthritis and heart disease; as well as helping to soothe and heal the skin. Check out this video on oil and skin care 

Green Tea

Green tea is another one of my favourite ways to hydrate, and also get a huge boost of antioxidants. Green tea supports healthy liver function as well, crucial for healthy function of your body, and ultimately your skin. Drink it regularly, choose an organic variety, steep it on hot (NOT boiling) water, and remove the leaves/tea bag after a minute or so.

And there's one other thing too.


We are the genetic makeup of our parents- and good or bad, our genes are what we're stuck with, and we have to make them work for us.  

My mum has high cheekbones, and what we affectionately call 'Chipmunk Cheeks', hence 'Heidi's' assumption that I've had fillers.

So there you have it.

A quick run down of everything I do and have done over the years to now reach this point - where I'm being accused of cosmetic enhancement. Is it the dream? Could be!

Want more? 

Try my gorgeous Dusk by Adele Oils. They were formulated by me, FOR me - and now they're available to EVERYONE.

Check out my Stripped Bare Program. It contains more info like this. 

Book an 'Individual Consultation + Personalised Bespoke Skin Potions' package with me. You'll get access to all the goodies, as well as me, and some oils created JUST for you.

Much love to you all, and remember- you're beautiful inside and out!

Adele x


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Hi Adele. I’ve had the best laugh when I’ve been asked if i have cheek implants.. like seriously. .. I’m not a movie star lol. My mother has them too. Ps. Received my cleansing potion today so now I’m ready! Haha xxx


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