Why the Beauty industry have you wrapped around their finger!

Why the Beauty industry have you wrapped around their finger!

When I worked in the beauty industry, I trained in over 2 dozen different ranges. One of the salons I worked in stocked 10 ranges alone! Everything from the crème de la crème of French skin care (creams and serums worth almost $400), to high-end botanical products (filled with artificial fragrances I might add) and then to acid-based ingredients that were so strong that we had to wear gloves to apply them.

The majority of women coming in had major concerns with their skin- it was too dry, too sensitive, too oily, too active - and were willing to pay a LOT of money for a quick fix and a magic potion to correct it.

Little did they know that:

-The products they were using had little to no 'skin nutritional value' at all
-The products they were buying were fragranced artificially - leading to other skin issues and allergies
-The products contained high levels of alcohol, causing the skin to dry out and produce MORE oil
-The products were overpriced and they were paying for a fancy bottle and a brand name

And this is where we can blame the media. The advertisements we see, and the messages we read are all screaming at us to 'be someone else' or to 'change'.  The models with airbrushed skin, perfect makeup and not a blemish in sight... it's enough to make you want to gouge your eyes out! 

Now I love makeup, clearly. I love putting it on and feeling glam and taking a cute photo... but it took me a VERY long time, and all of my early twenties to feel comfortable to even step out of the house without makeup on. And I don't just mean a slick of mascara and some lip gloss...I mean a FULL FACE of makeup. Concealer, illuminator, foundation, eyeshadow, brows, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, blush, lipstick...the whole shebang.

Exhausting. Day in and day out.

And I got to a point where I just HATED it. I was bored and found the whole hour long routine tedious AF. 

As I got older though, I started to strip back. Little by little. Leaving the house with less makeup on each day.

And now, I'll only wear makeup:

-To film videos
-For any casual or serious photoshoots
-For most meetings
-Date nights

The rest of the time - gym, shops, dog park, dog walking, family get togethers... I go sans. And I love it. It feels great. And then when I DO wear makeup, I just love the whole process (which takes about 10 minutes).

I will say this though.

Feeling good without makeup is a factor of a few things:

-Self confidence
-Good nutrition
-Great skincare

I've come a long way from the insecure 20-something with bad skin and a worse self esteem.

So this is me, Sunday night- in my fave $3 op shop jumper (that I've had for about 8 years), my daggy pj bottoms, hair in a braid with some oil massaged in (testing new products!) and no makeup.

Hi! This is me, a la' naturale. No photoshop and no fancy magazine lighting!

I used my Cleansing Oil and Skin Elixir with my Jade Roller after my bath... and that's it! And that's what I use in the morning as well too, along with some new Dusk products I can't wait to share.

Simple, easy, effective.

So I want you to know that with the right knowledge, diet, self belief and skin care, that you can feel confident with or without makeup - it's your choice! 

bespoke skin oils handmade

My Bespoke Consults sold out in a flash! I've had emails from people wanting to know when they'll be available again. So I've released more sessions.

The demand for good quality, as close to nature and organic skincare is high- even higher though are the amount of women who are still trying to understand their skin and find the best products to suit them and their needs.

Did you know that your skin changes every seven years... but that the products you used when you were younger directly affect your skin today?
Likewise the products you're using now. Are they right for your skin?

If you're:
  • Struggling to find the right balance for your skin
  • Not sure what products are best for your skin
  • Battling dryness, excessive oiliness, acne or lacklustre skin
Then I very well could have the answer for you. I've been creating some exclusive blends for some VIP clients already- they've all been wanting something deeply nourishing OR something to help them combat their  acne for good.

What I've put together for you:

- A 'Get-to-know-your-skin' questionnaire
- A 30 minute Skype Skin Consultation with me (I want to see you up close and personal!)Valued at $120
- A copy of my best selling 'Stripped Bare Program' used by thousands of women and men all over the World. Valued at $97
- Personalised Bespoke Dusk by Adele Skin Potions (2 full sized products), sent directly to your door, using oils that I've hand chosen specifically for your skin. Valued at over $80
-A recording of our session to listen to and watch when you need it.
All of this for $197 - that's a $100 saving - and if you think about it, what price can't you put on good skin knowledge and care?

If you've been buying a whole lot of different products, praying that they work, or really want something thats JUST for you (who doesn't want something totally unique!)
then secure your space here.

I am only offering another FOUR spaces. I wish I had time to do more! They're truly beautiful - we have a gorgeous chat, talk all things skin and lifestyle and you'll get loads of nuggets to takeaway and use! 
Adele x


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