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Dusk By Adele

Crystal Glow Roller and Daily Skin Elixir Duo

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Using our best selling Daily Skin Elixir and Crystal Glow Roller, your skin will feel like it’s having a facial every day!

Crystal Glow Facial Roller - RRP $49

Facial rollers have been used for hundreds of years in cultures around the world, and are used to promote beauty and longevity.

The healing properties of crystal and the deep massaging action transform your skin and facial contours; lessening the appearance of wrinkles, dehydrated skin and lines.

Using facial rollers with our Daily Skin Elixir is a gorgeous way to infuse oils DEEP into the skin, as the massaging action will relax the skin and muscles, and could even help carry certain ions deep into the basal layers of the skin (think of it like electrodes, without the current).

Daily Skin Elixir - RRP $59

This decadent and luxurious skin oil is for daily use- and will protect, nourish and hydrate your skin, while still remaining the perfect base for use underneath makeup.

Oils chosen have a similar structure close to the skins own oils, making it ideal for first time oil users. 

Save $38 when you purchase these products together ❤️