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Dusk By Adele

Healing Mask

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The Healing Mask has been designed for just that - gentle healing of the skin. Using natural Australian Clays, the mask will delicately draw out excess oil and dirt, as well as healing any active pimples. 

It'll even out your skin tone, contains naturally occurring minerals, and will not dry out your skin like traditional masks. 

Gently purifying, your skin will feel fresh, look vibrant and calm. 


Australian Pink Clay

Divine for stressed out, tired, and lacklustre skin, this pale, blush coloured clay is ideal for balancing and healing.

Australian Zeolite Minerals

Known for it's drawing and healing properties, Zeolite is one of our wonder ingredients. It's one of the oldest minerals known to man, and is negatively charged- meaning that it'll attract positively charged toxins. Filled with potassium, zeolite is not absorbed by the body, only sitting on the skin's surface. It reduces swelling, and speeds up the rate of healing, so it's perfect for active acne and skin that needs a little TLC.


Known for it's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is ideal for healing the skin, and in particular any active acne. A small amount is used in this mask, so you won't end up with stained skin.

24K Gold Flakes

Gold boosts blood flow in the skin, which speeds up cellular processes and activates regeneration. Gold is connected with the electrons in skin cells that are sensitive to electric charges, making it the perfect companion to zeolite. It helps to strengthen the skin, helping with elasticity, is high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

From a spiritual perspective, Gold is a symbol of protection, deep healing, vitality, eternal wisdom and beauty.

Jade Essence

Jade Crystals are healing, and have long been associated with beauty and longevity.  

Reiki Charged

Charged with healing Reiki symbols, from the Usui Lineage, this clay carries with it energy to heal and transform your skin. 


Mix 1 tsp (or more, if covering the chest, shoulders and back) in a small bowl with the same amount of water, and if you like, some of our Dusk by Adele Healing Oil. Mix until a smooth paste forms, and apply to damp skin. Leave on for no longer than ten minutes, then gently rinse off and use your favourite Dusk by Adele oil. Use twice weekly for best results.

You'll get approximately 15 uses out of the 50gm, depending on how much you're using per mask.