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Dusk By Adele

Rose Quartz Crystal Glow Facial Roller

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Imagine waking up in the morning, having a shower, picking out your outfit for the day, eating breakfast...and not putting any makeup on.

Think about how nice it would be to have clear, glowing skin, and a regime that only takes a few minutes a day, but makes a huge difference to your skin.

Or how about carving out some YOU time in your schedule for some self care that you know will make you feel great, and benefit you in years to come.

Rose Quartz is renowned for lowering stress and tension in the heart, and helps clear out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others. It also allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions. It's also known as the Love Stone- and in this instance is perfect for infusing the skin with self love.

We've always stood firmly behind the fact that clear, glowing skin is a three-pronged approach:

-Effective, natural skin care


-A clean diet and mindset

The brand new Crystal Glow Facial Roller can help with infusing oils deep into the skin, as well as massaging and increasing blood flow. By microscopically damaging the skin at a cellular level (as any movement or massage does), it forces the bodies natural healing response to begin, thus resulting in an increase in blood cells, cellular repair and a surge of collagen.

These brand new Crystal Glow Facial Rollers:

  • Are housed snugly in an exclusive storage box for protection
  • Contain usage information
  • Are energetically cleansed
  • Have reinforced prongs for sturdiness 
  • Gemologist approved stonework
  • Fashioned for noise-free, smooth rolling

What are Crystal Glow Rollers used for?

Facial rolling has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese, Ayurvedic and Aisan cultures, and is used to promote beauty and longevity.

The healing properties of the crystal and the deep massaging action transform your skin and facial contours; lessening the appearance of wrinkles, dehydrated skin and lines.

Using the Crystal Glow Facial Rollers with your chosen facial oil is a gorgeous way to infuse oils DEEP into the skin, as the stone will relax the skin and muscles, and could even help carry certain ions deep into the basal layers of the skin (think of it like electrodes, without the current).


Using a Crystal Glow Facial Roller

Using broad sweeps always working away from the nose area, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolleté area. Place vertically on your sinus area and rock gently and then roll away from the nose to clear blocked sinuses. Finally, pay special attention to the jawline where congestion is prone to build up, rocking the roller vertically in the crevice where your neck meets your ear and then rolling it down towards your collar bone.

Just like any facial massage, Crystal Glow Facial Rollers can diminish the appearance of puffiness, frown lines and skin discolouration, as well as having a ‘lifting’ effect. Its cooling properties can tighten enlarged pores and soothe the skin. Massaging the face with a crys roller is ideal for people with dry skin as it brings forth yin (moisture) to the skin.

You can also maximise the benefits of a Crystal Glow Facial Roller facial by massaging Dusk by Adele Daily Skin Elixir in at the same time.

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